Why Native Content Gets More Engagement

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Facebook native videos are dominating the video experience online.

Research shows that 89% of overall video posts were Facebook native videos.

Furthermore, they get 477% more shares, 530% more comments and 168% higher interaction rate than YouTube videos.


Native content is any type of content shared directly on a specific platform.

It is when you post an article, image or video directly on a social platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn instead of posting an external link.

This allows users to consume content directly and immediately without having to leave the platform.

When users are on a certain platform, they are in a different mindset. They have specific reasons for going on those platforms.

For example, they may go on Instagram for pictures and short videos; Twitter for short, catchy digests; Facebook for messaging and engagement; and YouTube for long videos.


As marketers, we need to tap onto native video advertising as part of our content marketing strategy.

This is important because we want our audience to be engaged with the content as much as possible.

Considering 23 million Malaysians are on social media with Facebook being one of the most used platforms, and the fact that Facebook prioritizes videos in its own environment, it’s only reasonable that marketers should focus their content strategy on Facebook videos.

Here’s the real deal:

  • 90% of profile pages use native Facebook videos.
  • 85% of video posts by volume are Facebook videos.
  • Bigger profiles with more than 10 million followers tend to use native Facebook video the most.

So we can see that Facebook videos are significant.

Now we don’t want to post just any videos.

We would want to create thumb-stopping videos.

This means that the first 3 seconds of your video should be interesting to make your audience want to stop and watch the whole thing.

If you succeed in doing this, not only have you given your audience a seamless user experience but you’ve also created the urge for them to engage on your post.


While posting natively on a social platform seems to be better in terms of engagement, there are a few downsides to native content.

The most obvious would be that there may be a decrease in traffic flow to your website.

Since posting external links may not garner high engagement, you won’t be expecting many click-throughs to your website.

This drop in traffic may also affect the SEO power of your website, as fewer external links are pointing to your domain.

This could be resolved by placing a link in addition to your native post, but if the call-to-action (CTA) is not compelling enough, you could still miss out on conversions.


  1. Create thumb-stopping native content
    There are a lot of factors that can make or break the first 3 seconds as well as the whole video. Consider the editing and design of the video as well as the dimensions based on the particular platform. Remember to also optimize for mobile experience.
  2. Add a link or CTA that directs audience to your website or landing page
    This must be clear and concise enough so that the audience knows what to do. The content itself may also affect whether the audience will follow through the link so make sure you create quality content.
  3. Build a system for testing & optimizing
    This is so that the performance of the content can be analysed in an objective manner. You may need someone who is reliable with knowledge of performance marketing to be accountable for this.

It takes quite a bit of strategizing and resources to create thumb-stopping native content.

But with a dedicated team by your side, your content will attract even the fastest scroller on the net!

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