In Shock Media Studio, it’s all about giving our best to grow our clients’ businesses. We live and breathe our mission & vision, which ultimately boils down to creating an impact to the world by making the world a better place through helping businesses grow digitally with result.

To achieve our mission & vision, we believe that investing time & resources to grow Shockers is a core value (we call ourselves Shockers). We do not believe in giving you a great job, instead we believe in giving you an awesome journey and an even more awesome experience.

Work, we believe should be fun and passionate about, something that you’re excited to get out of bed for everyday! We believe that when it’s an awesome experience, it will be your life and it’s no longer just work. You should get paid to be who you truly are. Our job is to bring out the best in you so that all of us can learn and grow together with every other awesome Shockers at #1 digital marketing agency Malaysia.


1. Extraordinary Team Mates

Our awesome culture and mindset attract some of the most extraordinary applicants from around the world! We know Awesome players love to work and attract Awesome people. We make sure that we bring onboard, only the best talents, people who are extremely driven and positive with a compelling purpose. You are who you surround yourself with, and you can be sure that there is nothing short of awesomeness here to bring your life to next level.

2. World Class Mindset

Screw politics, backstabbing, slacking, and hello to happiness and abundance! All you asked for is a great culture and work environment to do your most awesome work. Is that too much to ask for? Not at Shock Media Studio. We continuously focus on making sure that we live and breathe our:
(1) Mission : Help Businesses Grow Digitally with Result
(2) Vision : Empower 10,000 SMEs that Create 100,000 Jobs and Serve 10,000,000 Consumers

3. Quirky Perks

We don’t believe in traditional perks unless its life changing! At Shock Media Studio, we organize and host Awesomeness events that attract world-class speakers and millionaires to spend hours with our team mates, from the CEO of the one of the largest airlines to inspiring one-legged Mount Everest climber, and more! We believe in bringing these people to you in an intimate one-to-one sharing, not just watching them over Youtube videos!

4. Grow Like Never Before

In order to achieve our goal of being the #1 digital marketing agency Malaysia & #1 SEO company Malaysia, we believe that growth comes from learning. You will get access to a huge library of training materials, thousands of books, and more. Love to see a new book in our Awesome Library? Well, just let us know and we will buy them for everyone!

5. Giving Back To The World

We believe, from the very start of our journey, in changing the world. We create and donate websites to help charities and non-profit organisations spread the word about their missions. From Women Girls Organisation to orphanage homes, we believe that no one should be left out. And soon, we will spread our awesomeness across borders to further realize our goal of helping to change one billion lives through our work.


Digital Sales Consultants / Business Development Consultants

The candidate for this position will excel at creating and closing new opportunities. By using a consultative approach to selling, this person will use their expertise to identify and qualify leads, leading to sales opportunities with both new and existing customers.

• Meet and exceed sales targets
• Successfully create business from new and existing customer accounts
• Build rapport and establish long term relationships with customers

• Candidates must possess a Degree in any discipline.
• 1-3 years relevant experience (fresh graduates are also encouraged to apply)
• Strong written and verbal communication skills
• Strong team player
• An awesome personality (someone who is positive, full of energy and embrace challenges)

Full-Time position(s) available!

Email your details and resume to

Awesome Internship (Sales & Marketing / Digital Marketing)

Are you looking for a casual internship? Then you’re looking at the wrong place.

Internship in Shock Media Studio is tough & you need to work hard. This is not a place where we get interns to do menial tasks. At Shock Media, you’re expected to do market research, business analysis, presentation, running ad campaigns, etc for actual clients (not the boring tea-making, etc). Your efforts directly contributes to the growth of Shock’s actual clients. However, if you can take the hardship & feedback, we guarantee that you’ll learn so much and grow like never before.

• At least 3 months of internship

Email your details and resume to

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