Why Native Content Gets More Engagement

Facebook native videos are dominating the video experience online. Research shows that 89% of overall video posts were Facebook native videos. Furthermore, they get 477% more shares, 530% more comments and 168% higher interaction rate than YouTube videos. WHAT IS NATIVE CONTENT? Native content is any type of content shared directly on a specific platform. [...]

[REVEALED] Malaysian Marketers Unsure About Digital Strategy

The digital community in Malaysia is growing. 24.5 million Malaysians are using the internet and 23 million are active on social media. Knowing the opportunities these numbers may open up for your online business, you’ve jumped head first into digital marketing. It’s great that you have the guts to put your brand out there. But [...]

Breaking News!! Spot the Difference! Where Have All the Shoppers Gone?

Breaking News!! Spot the Difference! Where Have All the Shoppers Gone? Online E-Commerce Portal Hits RM1B in Sales, while Shopping Malls Were Hit with More Browsers than Shoppers. 48.8% of Internet Users said They Used the Internet for Online Shopping. Where Have All The Shoppers Gone? According to news reports by the Malay Mail , even [...]

3 Flaws in Facebook Marketing Strategy

Malaysia had 12 million Facebook users by the end of 2017 - the number increases every day. It is clear that businesses need to think about their own marketing presence on Facebook. If not, you risk missing out on brand positioning, valuable leads and most importantly, sales! Creating a Facebook Page is easy, anyone can [...]

Contagious Marketing – Drive more traffic like never before!

Ever wondered why some social media posts get shared over a million times, while others barely get a few meagre likes? What’s the kind of content that will set off a storm for your brand, be the talk of town for weeks to come, and be relentlessly viraled on social media like Facebook and Youtube, [...]

Coffee Chat with our Customers: Facebook Real Likes vs Fake Likes

So during one of our usual coffee chat with our customers, one marketing guy told us that his boss wants to see more Likes on his Facebook Page, so that it will look more credible and give the impression that it is the preferred choice over its competitors. We had a straight talk that not [...]

Case Study: Facebook Campaign for Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC)

It was thrilling when we were approached to run the Facebook campaign for the maiden launch of Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC), a massive landmark development by EcoWorld that will spectacularly transform Kuala Lumpur into a hip and thriving hub forever. And… after working tirelessly creating captivating posts after posts with stunning imagery and bewitching [...]

Industry Statistics: Social Media Ad Spending Set to Exceed US$35 Billion

Businesses and advertisers are seeing a higher ROI with their ad spending on their digital ad spending, which is interactive, and captures the attention of today’s consumers who tend to spend prolonged hours in front of the screens on their laptops, desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. With a higher ROI from digital ads, businesses are [...]

How to Target the 21.7 million Smartphone Users in Malaysia

The Importance of Mobile Marketing After chatting with some small family-owned local businesses in our area, this is the common question that they posed to us as web developers. Would an established traditional brick and mortar business that caters local customers need a website? After all, everyone in the vicinity already knows of the business [...]

CASE STUDY – Big A Productions

Put Your Brand in the Spotlight With highly skilled web developers, graphic designers and copywriters working cohesively in a team, Shock Media Studio - #1 digital agency Malaysia & SEO Malaysia, is set to present your brand in the very best light. When a brand is well presented, it communicates credibility and wins over loyal [...]

3 Critical Factors for a Successful Ecommerce Website

Consumer ecommerce sales grew over 20% in 2013 to US$1.2 trillion, according to the latest new figures release from eMarketer, is set to reach US$2.346 trillion in 2018, with rapid growth in the Asia-Pacific region, and steadily strong growth in the US market. The success of an ecommerce website depends on the following factors:   [...]